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The Jealous Story

In 2010, two mates, Taz and Imran, left their corporate jobs in search of a more colourful, adventurous, and sweeter life.

Known as “Lord-Sugar Free” Taz and “Candy Magician” Imran, both noticed how the confectionery market lacked quality choices. From rubbery gelatine-packed sweets to synthetic flavours, artificial colours, and ghastly packaging, the options were chemically-tasting and unappetising for adults.

They believed that people deserve more than this. They deserved tastier and better treats. These two founders are also committed to build a sustainable business and to help the environment. So they created sweets that are 100% plant-based, gluten-free, and free from palm oil, artificial colours, and synthetic flavours. Thus, Jealous Sweets was founded.

Since day one, we prioritised innovation, quality, and flavour. We always want to do better than those confectionery giants, regardless of our size. As long as we have grit, perseverance, passion, and love of what we are doing, we will continue our mission.

We always make our sweets free-from, with the very best ingredients, eliminating junk at every step, and focusing on getting each recipe 100% right and sweet.

Each recipe was crafted to take confectionery to a new level. When you try Jealous Sweets, you will taste epiphany in a sweeter way possible.



Jealous Timeline