Sweet Adventures

2 x 50g boxes of Tangy Worms

Restore your zest for life with these super sharp worms. Great when you need to get a wriggle on.

2 x 50g boxes of Sour Beans

Squintingly sour beans to awaken all the senses. Super when you need to sharpen up your wits.

No Artificial Colours or Flavours
No Alcohol
Vegetarian Society


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Tangy Worms: Morello Cherry & Orange (Zach), Pineapple & Apple (Jack), Morello Cherry & Pineapple.

Sour Beans: Pomegranate, Mango/Pineapple, Peach, Apple.


TANGY WORMS (2 x 50g boxes) – Fruit gum, ingredients: cane sugar (unrefined), corn syrup, corn starch, acidulant (citric acid, lactic acid, apple acid, calcium citrate, sodium citrate), fruit juice concentrates (morello cherry, pineapple, apple, orange), colouring fruit and plant extracts (elderberry, curcuma, alga, safflower), gelling agent (pectin), natural flavourings.

SOUR BEANS (2 x 50g boxes) – Fruit gum, ingredients: natural sugar, Glucose syrup (from tapioca, corn or rice), Starch (from tapioca, corn or rice), Modified food starch (from tapioca, corn or rice), Fumaric acid (for sour), Tartaric acid (for sour), Ascorbic acid (for vitamin c), Natural flavourings, Acacia gum, Purple carrot juice, Beta carotene.

This product may contain traces of wheat. The amount of gluten is below the threshold of 20mg/kg which is suitable for a gluten free diet.
Packed in an environment that handles nut ingredients.

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