Grizzly Bears

4 x 50g boxes of Grizzly Bears

With a bit more bite than their yummy cousins, our grizzlies are great when you want to rip someone’s head off.

No Artificial Colours or Flavours
Vegetarian Society




Grizzly Bears: Raspberry (Dan) Lemon (Ava), Apple, Orange, Pineapple & Blackcurrant.


GRIZZLY BEARS (4 x 50g boxes) – Fruit gum, ingredients: Glucose syrup, sugar, gelling agent: pectins, acidulant: citric acid, natural colours: curcumin, paprika extract, concentrated juice of elderberry, pumpkin, apple, and spirulina for colour, coconut oil, glazing agent: carnauba wax, wheat starch.

This product may contain traces of wheat. The amount of gluten is below the threshold of 20mg/kg which is suitable for a gluten free diet.
Packed in an environment that handles nut ingredients.

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Weight: 200g